Friday August 18
6pm - 10pm

Kick-Off Bash at the Duke

Live bands, and a parking lot full of great rides, come out and help us kick off the weekend with a blast

Saturday August 19
12pm to 6pm
Main Event

PRE RIDE - Meet Ups are being arranged by our sponsors on Saturday morning, whether you're coming from the east or west, you might be interested in checking them out:

- Saturday Morning 11am @ Urban Rider
- Saturday Morning 10-11am @ Fred Perry Toronto
Saturday @ 12pm - The Main Group Ride down the Bayview Extension

Groups of riders will marshall up at the Loblaws parking lot at Bayview Ave & Moore Ave (Loblaws, 301 Moore Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 1E1 )

The "Valley Ride" (route map) departs from the Loblaws parking lot and makes its way down to the Keating Channel Pub on Villers St for the afternoon's festivities.

IMPORTANT - Check this page for updates information on possible road closure and route changes.

2pm onwards:
Keating Channel Pub
2 Villiers St

This is the main event folks. The ride ends at the Keating Channel Pub where we'll spend the day and evening gawking at the awesome bikes, listenting to fanstastic live music with great food, sights and sounds. Our event partners will have special tents set up in the main parking lot where you can get cozy with the people who help make the classic bike scene such a great community to be part of...